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Candace Mooney - Orange County Be Seen Portrait

At 16 Candace moved out of her family home and in with her uncle. It changed the trajectory of her life.

At 16 Candace moved out of her family home and in with her uncle. It changed the trajectory of her life. She had grown up with an alcoholic father and a mother who depended on Candace’s stepfather. She’s the youngest of four children and the only daughter. Her uncle taught her a lot about how the world works and how to behave, and she’s still close to him. At 17 she moved out of her uncle’s home and into her own place and her brother moved in with her. That year her dad died. She was the apple of his eye and it was very difficult when he passed even despite the alcoholism. 


Candace started school to become an anesthetist but couldn’t afford medical school so she switched to nursing, and eventually ended up in nurse midwifery. Getting her masters before the age of 30 checked off a very big bucket list item. She now also owns an aesthetics business, and it’s her goal to turn it into a million dollar success. Having struggled with her own self-worth and appearance, Candace desires to enhance women’s natural beauty to increase their confidence. She loves her work and the more it grows the more motivated she becomes. Her own personal value is what helps her currently feel more confident than she ever has. Being attractive is no longer just about the way she looks but the way she feels about herself; the way she carries herself. Being attractive is about loving who she is. 


Candace holds niece Ashlyn's scarf.

Candace's niece Ashlyn passed away seven years ago this December. Losing her helped Candace learn to cherish each moment and to make memories with those she loves. After Ashlyn died Candace flew home to Michigan to be with her family and was there for two weeks. It was eye-opening to see how different her life was from her brothers’, who are still stuck in the family cycle Candace escaped when she left. She is now working on helping her other nieces break that pattern. 


Judy Riggs Orange County Portrait Contemporary Glamour

When Candace came in for her portrait session she had a desire to show her softer, more vulnerable side to the world. Although she decided not to have children of her own, Candace adores the step-daughter her husband Michael brought into her life. They've been married for ten years and a visit to their home will always include the company of their fur babies (current count four). She describes herself as “the biggest mushball ever,” a side that the desire to protect children and dogs brings out, but few besides her inner circle ever see. Her Be Seen experience touched her soul and helped her see herself the way she wants to be seen. 

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