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A photoshoot experience celebrating women forty and over

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The Be Seen Experience includes a portrait session that will help you see the amazing, beautiful woman that you are, and your story will be told in a commemorative magazine. Take part in a revolution happening right now. Ordinary women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are discovering their extraordinary. What’s your extraordinary? Empower yourself and other women by telling your story.



This special experience in Orange County, CA, valued at over $1500, is just $450.


  • $600 credit towards your portrait order

  • consultation to tell your story, choose your wardrobe and discuss how you would like to be photographed

  • hair and makeup by a talented artist the day of your session

  • guided posing so you feel comfortable and look and feel your best in front of the camera 

  • in-person appointment to select and order beautiful portraits to display in your home or in an album.


Part of being seen includes telling your story. Your story may be shared on my website and/or social media. You'll receive a commemorative magazine celebrating you and the other beautiful women who participated in the Be Seen Experience. 

Click here to schedule a call, or tap the number to call me directly at

(949) 997-0750. Alternatively you can fill out the form below and I'll be in touch.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.

More About the Experience

The older we get the less we tend to see ourselves represented in media, yet this is the time women begin to know themselves in the most meaningful ways. There's an irony in that, don't you think? Let's change the way women in their 40s and beyond are viewed by society and the media by celebrating our beautiful, authentic images and stories. This is your chance to be seen and heard! Celebrate the fact that age doesn't diminish beauty, but enhances it. 
Caron's Story

"June 25th, the day before my 60th birthday, “Caron’s Closet” was introduced to the worldwide web, live streaming on Facebook. I did not realize that pressing the little red button would lead to such an amazing new found passion. My life is not perfect and I continue to have challenges, but the strength and confidence that I have to overcome anything make me feel amazing and as a result, my LIGHT is shining bright!! That is true beauty to me."

Rachel's Story

"When my sister passed away, she didn't have any  professional portraits of her on her own. We had to go back to her wedding images and edit her husband out of a photo in order to have one for her funeral. Like my sister, as a mom I’m always behind the camera so I’m often not in many of our every day photos. This experience taught me how important it is to take the time to have portraits done of myself. "  

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Lisa's Story

Lisa has been clean for over 10 years from an alcohol addiction. The addiction crept up on her slowly until she felt she couldn't go without alcohol. Realizing something needed to change she started attending meetings and got sober but still felt she couldn't burden her family with her struggle. It wasn't until she was willing to put herself first that she was able to completely change her life and get healthy in both mind and body. 

Marie's Story

After meeting a female U.S. Air Force pilot at an air base in her native Japan, Marie decided she wanted more than what her family expected of her. Without even telling them, she left to pursue her dreams in the United States. For a long time Marie kept her distance, but the pandemic helped her realize that her parents wouldn’t be around forever, and her relationship with them was valuable. If she could share a piece of advice with her younger self it would be, “Don’t feel sorry about not being a perfect daughter!”


Melinda's Story

Melinda's eldest son died of an opioid overdose. Through her journey of grief and healing, she's learned that she she can honor his memory without being ashamed. She has been blessed to have the opportunity to raise his son, and her younger son and his wife have given her two beautiful granddaughters as well. Melinda has always been a storyteller and is currently writing a screenplay. 

The Be Seen Experience

Consultation, Wardrobe, and Styling

Your experience starts with a personal consultation with me to tell your story and discuss how you'd like to be photographed. This in-person appointment includes wardrobe and styling collaboration.

Professional Hair and Makeup

At your portrait session you'll have camera-ready hair and makeup professionally done to enhance your natural beauty. My clients love this opportunity to relax and be pampered the morning of their session. Be sure to make reservations with friends or your partner for the night of your session because you're going to want to go out and celebrate!

Guided Posing

Feel that you're not photogenic? Not sure how to pose? It's a concern I hear often from my clients. Luckily, you don't have to worry; I will guide you through posing specific to your body type to help you look your best in your portraits. 

$600 Portrait Credit and Ordering Session

After your portrait session you'll come back to select and order the portraits you'd like to display in your home, so that every time you see them you are able to reconnect with yourself in this very special way. You'll also receive a $600 bonus to use towards your portraits.

The Magazine

After all the women participating in the Be Seen Experience have been photographed, you'll receive a commemorative keepsake magazine, showcasing your portrait and story. Your voice and your experiences are uniquely yours and deserve to be heard and seen! 


Email me using the form below and I will be in touch, or click on the number to call me directly at (949) 997-0750.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.

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